Hypnotherapy - Rapid Transformational Therapy

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RTT, Rapid Transformational was founded by english Marisa Peer. Lasting results in ONE to three treatments

Petri Wester is my name and I am educated in RTT Rapid Transformational Therapy. It is a modern form of therapy that creates lasting results in only one, or at the most three sessions.

The reason is a number of powerful techniques that are performed in a state of hypnosis when the brain is in an alpha wave state. It is working in a state of neuroplasticity as the brain is malleable and receptive to thoughts, words and new ideas it is not in ordinarilly.

You go past the critical thinking part of the mind and into the subconscious where the problems are but also the potential for change. The session is anchored with an audio recording that you must listen to every day for at least 21 days.

RTT, founded by Marisa Peer, is very fascinating because you can reach deep beliefs fast in the subconscious mind, gain an understanding of what shaped them (often experienced as an "Aha-moment"), turn them around and change ones life dramatically. A strong emotional belief can affect several others. It will have a positive domino effect. Marisa's message is very simple, direct and set on results. If you can help someone, you do it as fast, safe and secure as possible!

Hypnotherapy session over video online

It is no problam at all to have a hypnotherapy session over Zoom, Teams, Google hangouts or similar video calling service.

What can I get help with? These things among others:

Public Speaking

Nervousness before wedding speech, driving test, job interview


Sluta röka

Improve your performance

Physical problems such as eczema, stomach problems etc.

Phobias, including social phobia



Weight and food related problems

Anxiety, stress, worry

Self confidence, self esteem


Seperation anxiety

Contact me if

you wonder if I can help you!

How does therapy in hypnosis work?

The effects of a hypnosis session can be immediate. Like quitting smoking after a session. They can also be gradual as change occurs bit by bit. Or it takes a little longer before the hypnosis gives full effect and you may not see it until you look in the rearview mirror or someone close to you points out the change. 

This you ought to know about Hypnosis and RTT



What IS RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy? For Your Information

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Hypnosis - Change your subconscious Beliefs in a safe way

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What happen in the Mind, the subconscious during hypnosis?

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Who we have Become - How is our identity formed?

Our identity, our self-image, how we look at ourselves, depends largely on how we have been programmed during our upbringing. Parents, teachers, friends, siblings, relatives in our environment up to about seven years of age. During these years it can be said that we are in a hypnotic state. We take EVERYTHING into our subconscious from our surroundings because we are mainly emotional beings during these years. The brain is in an alpha wave state, which we are in during hypnosis as well. One problem may be that during these years, but also later, we interpret and form perceptions, opinions and beliefs about who we are and what we are worth.

Everyone has been through more or less difficult things, but it is not the events themselves that can become problems in adulthood, but the interpretations of our experiences, what we have made to decide the meaning of the experience. These decisions and interpretations become the glasses from which we look at ourselves and the world. Our own personal story about who we have become.    

The "new" you - you become with the help of hypnosis

With hypnosis, ie RTT, you quickly reach these limiting ways of looking at the world that prevent you from living fully into adulthood. By understanding the decisions we have made at an early age, it becomes easier to change their unwanted behaviors that can manifest themselves in the most varied ways. Addictions, obesity, phobias, fear of public speaking and more. During the interpretations and beliefs that have become unfavorable behaviors, a person who wants to express himself more awaits. Because we want to expand as human beings, that is our true nature. You have more to give to yourself and the world!

"The problem is not who you are, but who you think you are not."

Voices of clients

Pia quit smoking after over four decades! Well done Pia, Congratulations! (turn on subtitles)

“Petri led me through the session in a very calm and empathetic way that made me feel confident in letting what came out take place. It was very exciting how pictures and feelings came out that were completely unexpected but which in some way were still important. Can definitely recommend Petri to you who want to explore and work with yourself for one reason or another. ”

– Sandra –

Petri Fredrik is a calm and present hypnotherapist. He managed to bring out pain points that I have not seen before, despite many years of therapy. His method is positive and constructive, it gave me new insights and hopes for the future! ” - Gunilla -

– Gunilla –

This is the first time I have tried hypnotherapy and I am very happy with how it helped me in the right direction. Not only with what I wanted to focus on but also other things like it improved my sleep. I can whole heartedly recommend this form of therapy with Petri "

– Marie –

"It was a powerful treatment. Pictures and thoughts emerged. Thoughts I would never have gotten to without hypnosis. Thoughts I had never thought of before, or memories, that were hidden from me. Found feelings / blockages that ran like a common thread through the session. Got very tired afterwards. Got an audio file to listen to afterwards. I think something has changed in me that I can not really put my finger on. But it feels very good.”

– Petra –

This was the first session with Petri and I have to admit that I had anxiety that went up and down but the last part I was good. He is a calm person, listening… and it makes you feel comfortable with him.
He recorded a audio I've been listening to for twentyone days. I learned about the source from the past, what makes me do the things I do today and that it doesn't serve me in my life any more., so it's a way of programming a new behaviour and new thoughts..
Det vi har gått igenom är vad vi går igenom för att göra positiva förändringar. Det har hjälpt mig att se mina problem i ett nytt perspektiv och det gör det lättare att gå framåt. Jag tror inte på några ”quick fix”-program men jag är säker på att detta skulle ha tagit mycket mer tid i en mer traditionell terapi eftersom genom att göra en regression i ditt undermedvetna hittar du källan till det som stör dig i nutid.Det går djupt men på kort tid.  Så det är ett sätt att göra det lättare att gå vidare och släppa det som inte tjänar dig längre.Tack Petri!

– Nina –

I have tested hypnotherapy before which felt like a far-reaching project with many hypnosis sessions. It gave a lot of course, but when I tested RTT hypnosis with Petri, it gave direct results in that I got whole and strengthen myself through increased understanding of my backpack and my actions based on this. For me, it was very much about responsibility, that I put on the responsibility that someone else would take. Resolving this piece and having a clearly formulated goal of resolving it provided a direct path to change in the present.

Now, a few weeks later, I have changed a lot and found the strength in myself in a completely different way. I am determined and know that this has helped me move forward with strength. Petri has the ability to see and understand, he has a commitment that does everything for the customer experience, he is extremely professional and knowledgeable about his cause. Do you want to work with yourself, your baggage and your goals with a focus on change, success and prosperity? choose to go to Petri.

After the session, we also did a hypnosis healing that works to strengthen the cells to return to their original power and potential, it is the best healing I have tried and can warmly recommend this method at Petri. Do you want to understand that Heal Yourself and Achieve Change It is important to choose the right path that focuses on all of these parts.

–  Sara  –

I had a hypnosis session with Petri a few weeks ago. It was a magical moment and many special things happened when I was in deep hypnosis. After the session, Petri sent me a spoken audio file. It is such a valuable gift to own. I use the audio file every day and it's like taking a medicine dose. What Petri is talking about affects me so much and it is so positive. I learn so much about myself and how to succeed in letting go of all the misery that affects me so much. Both his voice and the way he pronounces the words are also so heavenly good. It feels so safe.

I intend to put this session in my everyday life and of course the weekends. I want to weave everything into me that Petri says so that I can change many things in my life. What happened from the session is also so remarkable. Several things have changed and I may even be able to change the memories from my previous life. That is this life. What happened in previous incarnations is different and nice to experience as well. Which I did.

1000 THANK YOU dear Petri for helping me take care of my life in a wise and positive way. I intend to save this audio file and mark it with "medicine dose", it is as such. So important to use when life crackles and makes me depressed. Have been using the audio file for 21 days now. And it will always be in the future. ”

– Eva –

I have tried self-hypnosis in combination with self-therapy before and think it has worked well but doing it with Petri gave a new depth to the whole experience. Petri has a calm and open approach and does everything very methodically during the session and afterwards. During the hypnosis itself, a number of situations emerged that I completely forgot about but which were important pieces of the puzzle in understanding why I have had certain beliefs that have caused trouble for for me. He asked interesting questions that helped me gain perspective on my experiences and I felt immediately after the session that I felt relieved and free.

After the session and after listening to the audio file that Petri recorded, I have for 21 days noticed positive improvements such as more comfortable with myself in social contexts, more interested in others, more conscious actions, better focus on things that are more important to me , courage to maintain my integrity when someone demands too much. Above all, I feel free from my previous thoughts that guided me unconsciously.

I can highly recommend working with Petri, no matter what beliefs you have created over the years. He does it in a present and professional way that gives an impression.