Can hypnosis and hypnotherapy be performed over webcam?

Yes, this is really the true power of the webcam, microphone and speakers. One can do RTT sessions over the internet as well as in a physical meeting, no problem!

What can I get help with?

You can get help from a vast variety of problems/issues. Bad habits like addictions, negative eating habits, exercise habits. Phobias like flying, insects or animals. Negative and fearful thinking and behavior patterns. Stress management. Help to pass a job interview, taking your driving licence, exams, sports performance. Relationship problems. Fertility. Public speaking. Skin problems. Digestive issues. Anxiety, stress, worry. Sleep. Money/success/love blocks.

Just write me here on messenger and we will see if I can help you!

How is a session performed?

You will take a comfortable body position either sitting, lying or somewhere in between preferably with your head supported. I will help you relax and take you into hypnosis. We will most of the time do a regression to three scenes in the past to find out the root cause of your issue. Depending on what happens in the scenes we have several options and tools to help you understand the underlying cause and the solution to the problem. We are in constant dialog throughout the session.

Will I have control?

Yes, you are in control of your body and what your chose to say or not say. I can not make you do anything you do not want to do. You only accept suggestions that are in your own interest to accept.

Hur kommer det sig att RTT är så kraftfullt att bara en session behövs? (eller högst tre sessioner)

Marisa Peer has a vast experience as a therapist. She is very pragmatical. Results are what matter to her. She has worked out and refined this system for decades. The toolbox we have as RTT therapists is very potent and are the best tools Marisa has encountered through her practical work life as a therapist. The tools are them that she has found out works from psycho therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, neurolinguistic programming and more. All these powerful tools are used in combination under hypnosis. This gives power to go deeper in the subconscious and do more difference to produce transformational results in only one session.

How does hypnosis work?

Us humans are conscious creatures. During a 24 hour period we go through several states of consciousness. The most known ones are two: sleep and being awake. (even though we don´t remember what happens during deep sleep).

But also Different stages of sleep from deep restorative sleep to lighter stages of sleep and then dream sleep. And also different stages of wakefulness. These stages of consciousness can be described as different stages of dominating brainwaves. The slowest biggest waves dominates deep sleep. (When these brainwaves dominate the brain we are unconscious) Normal wakefulness are beta brainwaves. In between these two we find the alfa brainwaves. These dominate the brain when we are relaxed, body and mind, creative, imaginative and present.

They are directed inwardly. When these brainwaves dominate our inner world is more real than our outer world that we pick up through our senses. This is the gateway to our subconscious, our memory bank of everything we have experienced in life, our values and beliefs about ourselves and the world. This state mind where alfa brainwaves dominate, is as natural as any other. But this is the brainwave state we want to be able to do therapeutic work. To find the root causes of negative and limiting beliefs. They were often formed during childhood when the brain is naturally dominated by alfa brainwaves. This is the brainwave state when the mind is most impressionable for outer stimuli.

How does it feel to be in hypnosis?

Do not expect to feel “hypnotized”, expect to feel deeply relaxed. There is no right or wrong way to experience hypnosis. It is an individual experience. Your eyes are closed and your outer world fades off and your inner imaginative world will dominate your experience

How will I get out of hypnosis? Can I get stuck in hypnosis if the internetconnection is broken?

The therapist takes you through a so called induction that brings your in to hypnosis. You remain in hypnosis as long as the therapist leads you during the session. At the end the therapist counts you slowly into conscious awareness again. If the internet connection goes down and there is no sign of connection with the therapist you will naturally open your eyes and we might try to connect again if that is possible. If we can connect again we can pick up the session again if not too long time has passed. No harm is done if we can not immediately reconnect.

Vad är RTT?

Kort sagt RTT eller Rapid Transformational (grundliga, allvarliga förändringar i form, total omformning) Terapi (från grekiska therapia, för vård, botemedel) är en hybridterapi som görs under ett tillstånd av hypnos. Det är en hybridterapi vilket innebär att grundaren Marisa Peer har blivit influerad av och valt det bästa verktyget hon har hittat från andra terapier som psykoterapi, NLP (neuro linguistic programmering), KBT, kognitiv beteendeterapi och även modern neurovetenskap med mera . Dessa verktyg har satts ihop i RTT-terapeutens verktygslåda och är i kombination oerhört kraftfulla. Terapin görs i ett tillstånd av hypnos och bygger på att regrediera klienten för att hitta grundorsaken till en vana, beteende, tro eller problem i det undermedvetna. Sessionen hittar grundorsaken, inducerar förändringen, ljudfilen som ska lyssnas på dagligen i tre veckor bekräftar att förändringen neurologiskt är permanent. För mer information, läs detta BLOGINLÄGG!

Is RTT regression hterapy?

Yes, at the core it is. We regress to three scenes earlier in life. But on can do a session which is not primarily based on regression too.

What is the subconscious?

To better understand the human mind we divide the mind into two parts. Think of the mind as a circle which is divided by a horizontal line dividing the mind into two parts. See The upper part as the conscious mind, the lower the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is the thinking mind, the creative mind. With your conscious mind you can think thoughts no one has ever thought before. You can originate thought. You learn with your thinking mind. Your senses such as sight and hearing are connected to your conscious mind. They inform you about what is going on outside. Your subconscious mind is the habit mind. It is the emotional, feeling part of the mind. Language, habits, values and beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind. It can´t create, only repeat what is impressed upon it. It is totally automatic, like an operative system on a computer.

What is projected into the SC mind is expressed through the body. The subconscious is almost fully programmed at seven years of age. Almost all programming in the SC mind is done 0-7 years. This is why we focus on regression in RTT. The mind stores and expresses things impressed on it through repetition and through strong emotion. That can be trauma. The stronger the emotion, the stronger impression and influence the event will have on the conscious part of the mind. It has no sense of time, everything is NOW. It´s recreative capabilities are Enormous! A strong emotion from a traumatic event can repeat itself forever from this part of the mind when triggered from something in the outer world.

What results can I expect?

The effect of RTT can come in three different ways. Immediate, bit by bit or prolonged. If you for example are addicted to something, hypnosis has the capacity to terminate an addiction on the spot (not always the case). Or you will experience one insight added to the other which changes your life in unexpected positive ways. Or the results can come after some time either then fast, or changing you slowly but steadily.