Marisa Peer


Marisa Peer has been a therapist throughout her adult life, which means 35 years. She has been called the "therapists' therapist" because of her intuitive and effective method. She is educated and inspired by greats in hypnotherapy as Milton Erickson, Gil Boyne, Dave Elman and David Viscott have developed their own therapy method, RTT, Rapid Transformational Therapy. It is a stand-alone very effective therapy method for modern person.

With hypnosis, one reaches deep-seated beliefs shaped by choices and decisions through life. There is always an opposite to negative beliefs. The opposite is used in the transformation, which is an audio recording of about a quarter of an hour that you have to listen to for 21 days to amplify the effect of the hypnosis session. Marisa holds lectures all over the world. Hypnotizes sports teams, traders, actors, royalty and more. She has written five books.

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You only live one life. What do you do with yours? Is that what you want to do?