About Me and "I to I"

Human behavior and communication have always fascinated me. Us humans communicate about what ideas we should collaborate on. Which ideas are best for the general and the individual's development and freedom. I have studied life coaching which led me to this with hypnotherapy. Rapid Transformational Therapy provides, as far as I know, the fastest way to access the subconscious mind. It is effective, targeted and direct. It is a direct help to a better internal communication, i.e how to communicate with yourself, to yourself. I have been fascinated by the language's ability to change negative thought patterns that have solidified into negative behaviors and may have been going on for decades. And language as the key to a greater consciousness. A decision to change and improve one's life is made by putting it into words. Creating goals and strategies. 

Hypnotherapy gives the client an understanding of how these negative behaviors and thought patterns arose and provides space to replace them with desired behaviors. This creates unimaginable effects in a human life and surroundings. 

If you want to change the world, you have to help people who want to change. Then you change the world. That's why hypnotherapy is so interesting. It is efficient and fast and changes people's beliefs and values so that they work more as they want. This is how the world is changes!

I to I

I to I, or I to I Links, simply means human communication, internal and external. The name contains everything we communicate! between each other. Art, politics, economics, religion, science, written language, body language are just a few examples. Love and other emotions. How we collaborate on ideas and concepts. It is based on everyone being able to say "I" about themselves, have unique needs and a unique Voice to express in the world. The voice is your Gift.

At the same time is your opinion about yourself, din internal communication in words and pictures determines directly how successfully You express Your Voice to others and what you experience and encounter in your outer world. How you express Your voice gives Your results, cause and effect. You can always improve your results and give Your unique Voice a clearer expression with the universal tools that I to I Links can provide for You!